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Company name   Material Specifications and Delivery
Address   Type of material
City and State   Thickness of material
Phone number   Due date requested
Fax number   Rush, overtime, or straight time
Contact name  
Email address  
Work to be Performed   Name Plate Information
New laminations   Manufacturer
New vents or reuse vents (if possible)   Horse power
Assembled in frame   RPM
Loose laminations   Frame
Stacked and welded  
Part Information Outside diameter
  Inside diameter
Rotor Slot width
Stator Slot depth
Pole Piece Number of slots
Other Length of core (iron)
Speficy: Number of segments per circle **************************
Number of slots per segment
  Number of air vents in core
Open Width of air vents
Closed Vent holes
  Vent hole size
Segmented Press plates
Not segmented Thickness of plates