Rotor Laminations

We make rotors with the same goal in mind that we have for our stator production: to keep your motor or generator running. But we don’t just want it to run. We want it to run well and we want it to do so for a long time. How do we do that? We do that by using designs that reduce eddy current, heat production and hysteresis loss which makes maintaining constant power possible while eliminating energy waste. Choose from a variety of products: rotor lamination, armature lamination, magnetic rotor lamination, and closed slot rotor lamination.

Rotor Lamination

Armature Lamination

Magnetic Rotor Lamination

Closed Slot Rotor Lamination

Rotor Lamination


"I wanted to take a moment to give a big thank you! You guys routinely come to our rescue when we need parts cut last-minute in order to keep our lead time commitments to our customers. Thank you for providing us with amazing customer service and great pricing."


Project Manager

"Laser Laminations has been a great company and very  professional to TAW. For me the experience I’ve had working with Danny Watson all these years  has been phenomenal. Laser Lamination has great pricing and always on time with their quotes and deliveries.



"Ordering laminations from you guys always goes smoothly. We appreciate the promptness of your sample approval process which ensures that we will get the correct parts without delay. Laser Laminations workmanship on stacked and welded stators is always top notch."


Project Manager

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